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Innovation Pipeline Development

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Operations Planning

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Research & Development

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On-Orbit Missions

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Innovation & Strategy

  • ThinkSpace’s expert facilitators conduct comprehensive Ideation Sprints that include brainstorming and idea analysis leveraging design thinking methodologies.  This provides a complete understanding of the customer, market challenge, and potential solution paths unique to our clients.

  • We conduct Product Workshops to map out the path to success for new or emerging product ideas from our clients.  If you have a product idea, but need an operations plan for success, ThinkSpace is here to help!

  • Every new mission has some amount of risk.  How you assess and prepare for that risk makes all the difference towards a successful launch.  ThinkSpace can help you prepare by performing an unbiased Risk & Opportunities Analysis to uncover the potential pitfalls and prepare for them.

  • Innovation Pipeline Development and support of enterprise-level innovation programs.  With experience establishing Fortune 500 companies’ innovation programs, we know how to both get you started and set up to run efficiently and get the most out of your organization’s collective innovation hive.

Startup Services

  • Are you starting a business but overwhelmed by the LLC filing requirements?  Leave that to us.  With experience starting multiple companies and assisting small businesses through the process, we make sure you entity is set up to provide services, consult, or sell goods – locally or across the United States. We know how to cross the t’s and dot the i’s so you can rest easy.


  • A huge part of starting up is Defining your Brand.  With experience in strategy and business product innovation across a wide variety of sectors – from space to healthcare – we understand that communicating your brand, vision, product, and service are critical to success.  We help with solidifying your vision, developing a look, feel, and style, and even can assist with logo and style guides to get your started professionally and on-point.


  • Another critical step in starting up is getting your brand out there.  In our current digital world and remote work environment, your website is your welcome mat.  ThinkSpace consulting offers full Website Development and Design services for launch and rebranding.  

Operations Planning

  • Mission & Strategy Roadmaps are critical to any business.  Whether you are just getting started or going through transformation it’s important to put focus on your company vision, solidify your offering, understand your customer, and put together an actionable path to achieve success.  ThinkSpace has vetted toolsets to help your business create an efficient tactical plan to action.


  • Similar to Mission Roadmaps, each project needs to have a plan – vision, market assessment, timeline, budget, & resources.  With ThinkSpace’s experience in Project Management and driving R&D experiments, we are your partner for flexible and streamlined Project Planning.  We understand that the best plans have to adapt when it comes to R&D so we build that into your planning strategy.


  • An aligned and well communicated Implementation Schedule is critical for cutting edge missions. Staying on task, on budget, and on target are all non-negotiable items for success. 


  • Successful experimentation comes by understanding Systems Architecture and how all pieces work together.  Whether it’s a digital service or a physical product, we understand databases to rocket engines and can help put it all together.


  • Understanding the entire architecture also translates to people.  Which is why we offer Team Resourcing Support with all of our Operations Planning Services.  We’ll embed ourselves with your organization, get our hands dirty to understand your mission through and through.  We’ll analyze your teams, your ideas, your vision, and develop a resourcing plan and growth strategy for scale. We make sure to set you up so your business moves forward seamlessly after our services are no longer needed.  We want to ensure long-term success for all of our clients, during our time working together and long after.

Research & Development

  • When it comes to Data Analysis, number crunching, understanding and analyzing stats, and finding patterns in data are what we do.  Understanding the data behind your R&D is critical to cycle innovation and creating the best possible product or service.  We bring a data first approach to all R&D lifecycle stages.


  • Need to understand the landscape for your new business, venture opportunity, or product?  ThinkSpace has performed comprehensive Industry Benchmarking for new businesses, research opportunities, and products across multiple landscapes – aerospace, healthcare, automotive, energy, and human services.  And we know it’s not about just looking in your own backyard when it comes to innovation but finding competitive markets in other industry spaces to learn from as well.


  • Industry benchmarking ties right into finding the right Market Opportunity for your business, product, or services.  Once you understand the landscape, the customer, and gaps in the market you know how to evolve your business to meeting growing customer needs.  We crunch the data on the industry and market and make an actionable strategic plan on how to succeed in the white space.


  • Every business idea, product, or service has to evolve with the market and industry landscape.  We pride ourselves on lightening fast Rapid Prototyping of new ideas and concepts because we know the best way to get it right it to try and learn and iterate, iterate, iterate.

On-Orbit Missions

Excited to perform R&D onboard the International Space Station, but don’t know where to start?  With over 20 years of experience in the space sector leading operations for some of the most complex payload experiments, ThinkSpace is your Implementation Partner to get your ISS experiment kickstarted and to the finish line quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

  • We’ll ensure all required Payload Inputs are submitted and approved through the proper channels at NASA so your experiment is taken care of from concept through experiment execution.


  • Every experiment is unique and requires customized Crew Procedures & Training to make sure your research is performed right the first time.  ThinkSpace will work with your team to understand your experiment details and translate these into astronaut training programs, comprehensive crew procedures, and and preparation material (Crew Briefs and Big Picture Words) required for a successful experiment.


  • Safety Requirements Reviews can be daunting for new ISS R&D, but ThinkSpace has extensive experience working with the ISS Safety Panel.  We work collaboratively with your team and the NASA Safety Engineers to ensure cutting edge experiments get through all safety protocols prior to launch, ensuring a successful experiment while keeping the crew and the station safe.  


  • If your experiment requires real time Console Support. ThinkSpace has your back.  With over 500 hours of Console operations, we have experience coordinating with all ISS representatives via voice loops and speaking directly with the astronauts on station during on-orbit operations to ensure a successful mission.  If you’re team is eligible, we can also work with NASA to get you team certified and trained to support on-orbit operations.