Company Launch - Startup Services

Mission Stats

Product: Company Formation, E-Commerce Website Development, Logistics & Operations Strategy

Product Launch Date: February 8, 2021

Project Duration: On-going
Product Details: Full e-commerce website selling apparel and prints featuring art from artists with disabilities.  Profits are split with the artists providing a means of income and 10% is donated to a cause of the artists choice.


People Love Art exists to provide a platform for expression and a means of income for people with disabilities.  People Love art sells high quality apparel featuring artwork by artists with disabilities through their e-commerce webstore and highlights the message of their art through dedicated landing pages that explain the artwork and the message behind it in the artist’s own words.  This empowers artists to have their voice heard, and empowers a community of allies to show support through representation of the brand. Every shirt worn is an opportunity to raise awareness and expectations of people with disabilities. People Love Art is working to create an inclusive and authentic brand that their community can take part in and take pride in.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Company was formed and a preliminary webstore was launched within 4 weeks highlighting one design to test proof of concept.
  • In the first 3 months, People Love Art sold over 750 pieces of apparel equivalent to over $20,000 in net sales. 
  • ThinkSpace was the sole developer of the website that has seen over 20,000 website views without any unexpected downtime, including a maximum traffic day of over 4,000 views in the course of 6 hours (following a local news story)
  • ThinkSpace completed development and launch strategy for the full website launch in May of 2021, incorporating an additional 4 designs.

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